Cristy has been teaching Viniyoga since August 2020 and practicing Yoga since 2015. Cristy was inspired by Instructors, Cristen Patton & Adriane Alvarez to deepen her yoga education. She studies Yoga under Adriane and Ashley Llano at Home Yoga Studio in Temecula, CA, where Cristy graduated from a 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training in August 2020. Cristy is also a Certified Transformational Health Coach since August 2019. She loves helping people with their weight loss struggles and fitness woes.

Her mentors, Cynthia Garcia & Shawn Stevenson, from the Institute of Transformational Nutrition (ITN), helped Cristy launch her business, MamaBearFit, where Cristy is CEO. Cristy also has her Bachelor's in Healthcare. Her passion for Health & Wellness runs deep, but her passion to help others runs deeper and has only gotten stronger over the years. "I knew immediately I wanted more of MamaBearFit from our first conversation. I knew I needed someone with her knowledge, passion and commitment for helping others live their best life in MY LIFE." ~ Theresa S.

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Cristy is a 46 year old Latina and Southern California native. She lives in Temecula, CA with her husband of 16 years, Karl and her 2 sons, Jay & Andrew. Her career shift was heavily influenced by her own struggles with postpartum depression and her personal battle with weight. She completely changed her life in 2014, after enrolling in a Fit4Mom program. With the help of Kim Stein and Cindy Mattchen, she relearned how to eat, learned how to run and learned that she was worth every sweaty minute of her transformation. Cristy has completed 2 half marathons, has conquered her Pull-up Goal, and can Plank for an insane amount of time. Over the years she has learned that the foundation of healthy eating and fitness habits carry over to other aspects of life and can completely lead you to your purpose. Cristy loves reading, wine tasting, watching baseball with her boys, yoga & gym time, snuggling with her Shih-tzu, Kai and GoldenDoodle, Yuli, traveling with her family and hosting small intimate gatherings with friends. She loves connecting with others who love to broaden their path toward a Happier, Healthier, and more Aligned Future. Her favorite quote at the moment is "Where Focus goes, Energy Flows."

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