Coaching Professional Moms over the Age of 35 Reach their Health, Wealth & Happiness Goals since 2015.

- Weight-loss/Wellness Educator, Life Coach, & Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT200) -

Hi, I'm Cristy.

The qualities that Mama Grizzly Bears have are similar to human moms; we are fiercely protective of our cubs, tirelessly teaching and love unconditionally. Like the Grizzly Mama Bear, we prepare THEM (or is it the other way around?) for life. But somehow along the way we lose ourselves, forget to replenish our own buckets, stop working on ourselves...or maybe we never really had the tools in our belt to begin with. That's where I come in.

All Hail to the Mama Bears of the World! Keep pushing yourself for GREATNESS because our cubs are watching.

In Good Health,


Certified Wellness/Weight-loss Educator &

Life Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor (CYT200) & Supplement Specialist

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"Mama Bear Cristy - I love how honest you are about life, kids, fitness, everything! You always speak from your heart and sometimes being that honest is hard. It is sometimes difficult to admit we fell down, or did not eat right that day (or week), or that we as parents made a mistake about some aspect of parenthood. You have always been honest with us about everything. I will always admire you for that!"

- Delia B.