Always Remember, It Is Your Journey & Yours Only. Let MamaBearFit Be Your Guide!

90 Day One-on-One Program

Tired of Yo-Yo Dieting?

Sick & Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Is Something MISSING in Your Life, but You Can't Figure it out?

Do You Wake up in Pain?

Is Your Life being Threatened by Your Weight?

Are You Over the Age of 35, with Your Cubs in School or beyond?

​Are You Seeking to Unleash that Ageless Beauty?

Are You Contemplating Your Future, and Not Liking What You See?

Are You READY & WILLING to Level Up for a Healthy and Purposeful Life?

Are You Seeking to Build a Different (Healthier) Legacy for Your Cubs?

​If you answered YES to the majority of these questions, this program is for you. I made it just for YOU!

Program Includes:

- One 90 Minute Zoom

Private One-on-one Session Per Week

(12+ total)

- Program on Trello (tutorial included)

- YOGA/Strength Training/Cardio

- Meditation Practice

- Chakra Energy Balancing

- Working with your Human Design

- Habit and Routine Guidance

- Transformational Nutrition Guide (Nutrition 101, What are MACROS?, Is Keto for you? and more)

- Recipes & Fast Meal Prep Ideas

- Supplement Support (let's find the right vitamins for you)

- Action Steps to Fit Your Lifestyle

- Personalized Plan for YOUR circumstances

We will work together to customize a full nourishing program – Body, Mind, and Spirit – using Transformational Nutrition as our guide.

- Access to Cristy, a Certified Weight-loss/Wellness Educator, Yoga Instructor, Life Coach and Supplement Specialist

- and so much more!

**No supplements or weight loss gimmicks sold; just expert knowledge on Clean Eating/Habit Forming from a professional."

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Scared to Make the Leap? I gotcha, Mama...

I know it's a BIG commitment, Maybe you're worried it may not fit into your life? That we may not mesh well? That you're unsure on your commitment level?

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